Australian Gambling Laws

Australian Gambling Laws

Gaming Club has announced that the government of Australia is studying a report that would increase the liberalization of the internet gambling division. Gaming Club stated that these new and more liberalized laws are going to provide Australian players a higher level of protection and a more varied collection of internet gambling choices. This is due in part that these laws are going will increase the internet sport wagering options available to the players. These options include in-play, live sport wagering as this kind of wagering is currently available in person and through smart phones only. Also, internet tournaments for poker could become legal as a result of these liberalized laws.

These laws are going to make the stance of Australia on internet gambling a more stable and a clear one because the current situation and position of the government is completely vague. For instance, the online casinos are forbidden to offer gambling services to the Australia players; on the other hand, it is not illegal for the Australian players to engage in online gambling.

According to statistics, many Australian players have engaged in online gambling and that Australian citizens spent an estimated total of seven hundred and ninety million Australian dollars on gambling websites that are operated offshore in 2008. This number kept increasing until it reached a total of one billion Australian dollars each year. As for sport wagering, it is legal on the internet, excluding live in-play wagering.

The advantages of liberalized online gambling laws:

If online gambling is legalized and regulated by the government, the players will start to move away from the offshore based gambling websites that are not safe as they do not offer any kind of consumer protection. On the other hand, the on shore legalized and regulated casinos will be obligated to offer a high level of consumer protection. So, more liberal internet gambling laws will increase the protection for the online gamblers.

The revenues of online gambling websites are flowing directly to the websites that are located offshore as these websites are not obligated to pay any tax on the revenues to the Australian government . If the market is regulated and legalized, this will result in amazing tax revenue that will go directly to the Australian government instead of going to the off shore operators.

The disadvantages of liberalized online gambling laws:

The legalization is going to increase the number of people who will participate in online gambling which could increase problem gambling.

If online gambling is legalized, this is going to increase the marketing capabilities of the gambling firms. This will expand the reach and the marketing is going to reach more people who can be vulnerable to online gambling.

It is nearly impossible to monitor online gambling as opposed to land based gambling and it is very hard to provide online gamblers with the needed safeguards.

There is no guarantee that the players will choose onshore and regulated casinos over offshore ones.